“Kent’s background in construction added so much insight …”

Buying a house with Kent’s guidance is an awesome experience: it’s fun – Kent has a sense of humor which is immensely helpful when the process gets stressful and overly serious; it’s educational – Kent’s background in construction added so much insight into evaluating how structurally sound or re-modelable a house is.  PLUS I learned a ton!  He made me check our crawl spaces and assess the state of the plumbing and electrical which has come in handy now as a home owner.  It was comforting – I trust Kent completely.  He is honest, insightful, conscientious and responsible.  It was EASY – despite long days, many house walk-throughs, bidding wars, grasping all of the complicated lingo etc…  Kent has a knack for simplifying the whole process and helping you to focus on the things that are really important.  Kent is still in my life 5 years later – supporting me in my endeavors.  He builds sustainable relationships with his clients.  You’re the best, Kent!   Mary Ellen C. & Matt D.


” …you exceeded my expectations…”

As to my experience with you, I can sum it up in one word: the BEST.  In handling the sale of my home, you exceeded my expectations of what a realtor would do.  Again and again, you went beyond what I expected.  Put simply, you are the best!  Len G.


“… knowledgeable, organized, and efficient…”

Kent is the best real estate agent I’ve ever used. I have done numerous real estate transactions over the past 10 years both for my personal home as well as for investment purposes. For the past 5 transactions, I’ve used Kent. In all situations, Kent has proven to be knowledgeable, organized, and efficient. He has a great understanding of the structure of houses and can provide immediate feedback to questions about the quality of houses, the nature of their construction, and potential future improvement costs. Further, he has a firm understanding of the Seattle real estate market — both where it has been in the past, and where it is headed in the future. I highly recommend Kent for any type of buyer or seller.  Stewart M.  PS Kent also has a great sense of humor… which can come in handy in during the potentially stressful process of putting together a real estate transaction.


” I recommended him to my son when he and his new bride needed a home.”

I was very lucky to have Kent as my buyer’s agent.  There were some things I really wanted in a house and Kent not only understood what I was looking for, he understood why.  Among other things, I like working on a house and wanted a bit of a “fixer”.  Kent’s previous life as a residential remodeling contractor made working with him a lot of fun.  He could see potential in houses that others may miss.  His experience is also valuable to those who don’t want a project.  He can tell you what projects will really take and help you avoid getting into something you won’t be happy with. He is very personable and was very happy to go several miles from his usual “territory” to help me find what I wanted.  I recommended him to my son when he and his new bride needed a home.  Eric V.


“… he calmed our nerves, planned our strategy and celebrated our great find.”

Kent is truly a kind and caring person. He took the time to meet with us even though we were on the very low end of the housing market. He drove us around and showed us all the dumps in our price range and laughed and commiserated with us. On a rainy Monday evening in January we were looking at yet another dump in Ballard, when he said we had to drive to West Seattle immediately in rush hour traffic to look at a house that had just come on the market. As soon as we pulled up, we knew it was the house for us. He then took us to a restaurant where he calmed our nerves, planned our strategy and celebrated our great find. Kent was always willing to drop everything and look at a house or answer a question, and he still is – 4 years later. I consider Kent a good friend.   Cheryl C.


” Kent’s service stands out amongst a crowded field.”

I used Kent’s services twice, for purchasing a home and for selling a home.  I would not hesitate to utilize his expertise again.  Kent’s service stands out amongst a crowded field. His level of service, attention to your needs, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make you satisfied will lead you to believe you are his only client.  In the end, however, Kent’s knack for the real estate market and marketing a home correctly are what makes him shine.  In marketing my one bedroom
condominium for sale Kent suggested an asking price I thought was rather aggressive and even his colleagues told him the price was to high.  The property sold in 5-days and $2,000 OVER the asking price.  What more proof does one need that Kent is an extremely competent real estate professional?   Toby Y.


” The quintessential networker. “

Hey Kent, That day in the kitchen at your house I expressed my heartfelt appreciation for that same loving support that you just naturally give.  Getting my house ready for market was an undertaking to say the least.  There were many details to attend, people to contact and schedule for repairs, arrangements for pick-up and delivery.  You knew just who to call.  The quintessential networker.  The many details to getting ready were so competently handled by you.  I felt very taken care of.  What could have been a major stress was not.  The ease with which you provided your service and the extent of going the extra mile is a true measure of the remarkable qualities of personal service, compassion, empathy for others, professional strength and grace you so readily demonstrate. Thank you again my friend…always a pleasure. Infinite Love and Light.  Gail W.


” ..a quick study and good listener.”

My husband and I were making the move from Alaska to Seattle.  We wanted to be close to our children & grandchildren.  We knew little about the housing market, but we felt we did know the area we wanted to live in.  Our son and daughter-in-law recommended we call Kent Welsh.  Kent was a quick study and good listener.  He showed us many, many houses in our then “firm budget.”  He was respectful of our limited view of what we could get for “the money.”  He followed our lead in creeping up the value ladder.  When we finally found our house Kent was our advocate with the sellers.  We felt that the transaction was positive and meant to be.  Throughout the process Kent was always available – day or night.  Today we enjoy a home that supports our goals of having a comfortable place for family and friends to gather.  Thank you Kent!  Marilyn & Dean W.


” … got us into our dream house.”

Kent:  What can I say?  You were fabulous. Our house was not the easiest transaction (I believe you said it was the ugliest to date) and you made it happen.  You did an outstanding job and got us into our dream house.  I just gave your name to a friend of ours and she should be calling you soon. Love to you all.  Hope to see you soon.   John K. & Holland S.


“… and honestly cares that you find what YOU want.”

When we were getting serious about looking for a house, I talked to a couple of different realtors before my friend recommended Kent.  The first couple of folks I talked to seemed pushy and one was even condescending about how much we wanted to spend!  As soon as we started talking to Kent, I knew that he was the one!  Kent is such a ‘real’ person, who is 100% looking out for your interests, and honestly cares that you find what YOU want, and that you are happy with the house/price/experience.  Not to mention the fact that he has been a carpenter, so he can warn you of things that you normally wouldn’t find out about until the building inspection. He is great at pointing out which fixes are easy and which are not. Buying a house can be an intense, sometimes stressful, jam packed ride, and this was our first house, and first major purchase, so Kent rocked at holding our hand through it, but also at making us laugh and feel comfortable with all of it along the way.  Thanks, Kent!  Tammy M.


” Your knowledge of building/construction was a huge addition…”

The whole home buying experience couldn’t have been more positive.  You were respectful, professional and very fun to spend time with.  Your knowledge of building/construction was a huge addition to our experience, helping us judge how large a fixer-upper project we were potentially purchasing.  Your advice was invaluable!  We got our ideal neighborhood and our investment had more than doubled since.  You’re great!  Geoff & Julie B.


” thorough grounding in real estate law”

Kent was recommended to me by my daughter in law.  His genuine interest and talent in helping each client find a home, which not only fits their required needs but feels it is the perfect home for them, is outstanding.  Kent’s past experience as a contractor and his thorough grounding in real estate law gave me confidence in choosing my condo.  In addition Kent is kind, patient, and has a great sense of humor.  Linda H.


” I couldn’t believe how easy it was”

I so appreciated the great service I received from you.  I knew nothing about buying a home and you walked me through it step by step, and patiently at that.  Even when I was out of town and some papers needed signing, you took the time to fax me the papers, so everything could keep rolling along smoothly.  I have heard from so many people how stressful it was for them when they purchased their home.  It was just the opposite with you.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was, but I believe that only happened because you were such a great help.  If and when I am in the market to sell or buy again I will definitely be calling on you.  Patti C.


” I would refer any one needing real estate services to Kent.”

As first time home buyers we were so lucky to find Kent!  His professionalism, honesty and solid knowledge of the market made a sometimes stressful transaction easy.  I would refer any one needing real estate services to Kent.  From experience in working in the real estate business we were beyond pleased with Kent.  Thank you!  Rachael, Geoff N.


” I’ll work with you again in my next purchase (for rental investments).”

Patient, knowledgeable, trustworthy.  I felt cared for and was impressed that structure, heating and other properties of the house were taken into consideration.  I liked having you here at the inspection to get a second opinion.  I’ll work with you again in my next purchase (for rental investments). Thanks,  Rose D.


” …a great house in a great location…”

Thanks to Kent’s 110% effort we managed to find a great house in a great location in just one weekend while visiting from the east coast.  Definitely not an easy task!  We wholeheartedly recommend Kent’s services.   Sabine M. & James G.


“… able to connect me with many other resources “

Kent, you are awesome!  You went out of your way to not only sell our home and help me look for one in the future but you also were able to connect me with many other resources that I might need such as accounting, building ideas & resources, financial options, connects with agents from afar.  In particular I want to thank you for finding me an incredible agent down in Texas that was able to sell my mother’s home quickly & effortlessly – it was a stressful time and we needed someone good.  You work way too hard – take a vacation, will you?   Susan M.


” The contacts you have and let us know about was a great gift in time saved…”

Dear Kent, Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you. I want to thank you for all you did in helping us finding our way through the house buying process. We would have been lost on our own, but with all your help it seemed so easy. The contacts you have and let us know about was a great gift in time saved and that was worth so much to us, as you know I would recommend everyone I know to have you help them in buying or selling a home. I was so happy to hear that my friend went through you to sell her home, and that it sold so quick, after her spending so long with another realtor and having no sale. I will know that if I send a friend your way that they will be well taken care of. Thank you Frank and Janine J.


” …he will not let you down.”

Kent became my real estate agent back when my husband and I were looking to purchase a home in North Seattle. Kent bent over backwards to find us a house that we could both be happy with, this was no easy task. The marriage was coming to an end and buying the house was a last ditch effort. My husband moved to San Diego a short time later and I refinanced the house under my own name, which was required by law. I will forever be grateful for Kent’s patience, understanding and professionalism during a very difficult period of my life. Sometimes life throws you for a loop, it is great to have a person like Kent that can help you walk through the muck. I have since called on Kent for questions concerning my home and he has always gone out of his way to assist me even though to date, I have no intention of selling my home. Kent will go beyond and above the call of duty, someone you can constantly rely on. I highly recommend Kent Welsh if you are looking to buy or sell a home, he will not let you down. When I do sell my home, it will be Kent handling the property for me.
Sincerely,  Donna B.


“The one you helped me get has everything I wanted…”

I love to tell the story about when we met for the first time to discuss what it was I was looking for in a house, budget, process, etc… You told me that you would do all you could to connect me with the house I wanted, but if I found a house I wanted that you believed was not in my best interest, you would tell me. After our meeting, we decided to go see some houses that were in the “range” – and one was a craftsman house under the West Seattle Bridge, built in the 19-teens and falling apart.  The roof was caving in and there was mold about ¼” thick on most of the walls… I said, “Look at the high ceilings and the big windows! ( I could scrape off the mold!)  And you said “Yes, I ‘m sure you could make it look beautiful, but the walls are rotting… And look at the neighborhood (abandoned houses with windows smashed…) you can’t change the neighborhood.”  You were right, of course.  I am SO glad you talked me out of THAT one.  The one you helped me get has everything I wanted, and an extra bedroom and garage – in a great neighborhood!  And now, 2 years later, I even have a wonderful husband to share it with!   Denise F.


” I negotiated a much better deal because of his attention to detail and building experience!”

I have had the pleasure of not only working with Kent myself, but have also referred my friends and clients to him.  My personal experience was wonderful.  Because of his great sense of humor, he made the often stressful process of buying a home much less so. As a single mom, it was very important to work with someone I could trust and be comfortable with. Kent has integrity, honesty and will always be truthful about any given situation.  He was always patient, never rushed and answered questions in a way that was easy to understand. Having been a contractor, he brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the table.  While I tended to focus on the cosmetic appeal of a home, Kent was looking at structure, infrastructure and things I couldn’t even pronounce! I know that I negotiated a much better deal because of his attention to detail and building experience! The moving kit he provided was such a wonderful added extra.  The packing labels, and the post cards with photo and address of our new home were especially appreciated. Just another example of how he really adds value to his services. I wholeheartedly recommend Kent! Sincerely,  Barbara B. A very happy Homeowner!


” …honest and upfront about each house we looked at. “

Kent helped me buy my first home, and I could not be happier with the experience. Being a first time homebuyer there are many things that I could have overlooked. Kent was extremely honest and upfront about each house we looked at.Looking at turn of the century homes made his knowledge from being a contractor invaluable. Kent was able to see potential problems that I believe an agent without his background would not have noticed. I would recommend Kent to any family, friends or even strangers. Thank you for your help in finding my first home. Sincerely, Chris K. Senior Loan Consultant


” We always felt like we were your number one priority…”

Kent, Thank you so much for all your help with purchasing our new home.  We are settling into the house and couldn´t be happier!  We always felt like we were your number one priority and your only clients (even though we know that you are very busy with all your clients.)  Thank you for making this important step in our life so much easier and enjoyable. Warmest regards, Kam & Michelle R.


” We would highly recommend you to anyone and already have.”

Dear Kent: We are now settled into our new home and want to express our sincerest gratitude for your assistance in our recent home sale and purchase. Your experience, guidance, and professionalism were greatly appreciated. What is for many an extremely stressful life event, went off without a hitch for us. When we made the decision to sell our home, we initially considered selling it ourselves. However, what tipped the scale in favor of seeking your professional assistance was the peace of mind we knew your knowledge and experience would bring. In addition, having worked with you for the purchase of our first home, we considered  you not only our real estate agent, but our friend. You patiently listened to our questions and concerns and provided thoughtful advice and support. We felt that we were in good hands.Amazingly, our home sold in one day and for much more than we had anticipated. Even more amazingly, we found our new home the next day. From the time we decided to sell our home to the time we closed on our new home, not a single problem occurred. Being attorneys, we are conditioned to expect problems and we thought it was too good to be true. In fact, it was true and we are extremely happy with our new home. For that we owe you many thanks.While we do not plan to sell our home soon, there is no doubt that we would seek your assistance in the future. We would highly recommend you to anyone and already have. Once again, thank you for making our home sale and purchase a wonderful experience. Very truly yours, Susan and Michael H.


“… an invaluable network of contractors…”

Earlier this year we traveled from Alaska to sell a house and lot in Seattle. We had no notions of who to turn to for help, but when we saw a “sold” sign in the neighborhood of our particular real estate. The sign said the agent for the property sale was Kent Welsh. We decided to give him a call.From the first initial contact through the final closing, we had a very positive experience. We knew we couldn’t be in the Seattle area to oversee things and would have to place our trust in an agent. Kent was very professional and knowledgeable about the market, and explained to us in detail what to expect from the process. We had been advised to confer with more than one agent, which we did, but are glad we selected Kent to handle the sale. He’s one of those people you just have a good feeling about.He helped us set a reasonable price for the house and patiently went over all the legalities and familiarized us with the necessary forms. After we returned to Alaska, he was in constant contact with us by email, phone, and fax. I was surprised at how quickly a buyer put forth an offer.When certain things came up during the home inspection, Kent was ready with workable options on how to deal with them. His past experience in building gave him an invaluable network of contractors who he could turn to for the required work, who could not only do the work at reasonable cost, but even more importantly could work within the time frame of the sales contract.He was an expert negotiator on our behalf, following through on every decision we made along the way. The whole process went smoothly. We felt Kent really went the extra mile for us, and that his expertise was worth every cent of the commission he earned. I believe we did not err in putting our complete trust in Kent and we would not hesitate a moment to recommend him to anyone. We hold him in the highest regard.  Lee S.


” This process has been so much educational for me…”

I am amazed of your know-how and quick responses, Kent. Thanks for settling all of my queries before I can even come up with them. This process has been so much educational for me and glad to see that everything is rolling in the right direction with your best professional role. I really can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work!!!  Mahbubul I.


” We felt very comfortable throughout the process..”

The service that you provide is of the highest quality. We appreciate how you helped us find a home we loved and didn’t “sell” us the house. We felt very comfortable throughout the process and would be happy to be a reference for any future clients. Thanks again.   Jeff C.


“… gave me as much personal attention as if I had a million dollar budget”

I worked with another realtor before Kent.  The other realtor did not show much interest in me due to the price range of property I was looking for.  Kent treated me with respect and gave me as much personal attention as if I had a million dollar budget.  I have a job which involves a lot of travel and Kent always accommodated my need to schedule visits and open houses around my job. Kent was very patient with me as a first time home buyer with all the concerns and questions I had. His knowledge as a previous contractor was useful in explaining the structural aspects of choosing a good property.  He never made me feel that my questions were dumb, even when they really were. It was easy to trust Kent with this big step in my life. He was not only my realtor, but I quickly grew to consider him a friend and still do.  He made house hunting fun.  From laughing at other people’s poor taste in carpet and wallpaper to admiring the beauty of Seattle’s housing styles, I enjoyed the process.  Kendra R.


“… truly been excellent to work with…”

Kent, thank you for all your help and supportive energy in this whole process. You have truly been excellent to work with, and we will recommend you to friends looking for a good agent.  Steve H.


“… responsiveness and professionalism …”

Thank you for your capable handling of the sale of our home at 7318 8th Ave. NW in Seattle. Your responsiveness and professionalism was outstanding and you represented your clients in a friendly, accommodating manner.   Joe M.


“… time, energy, patience, and vision…”

There aren’t words to express my gratitude for all of your time, energy, patience, and vision throughout the search for my new home. You helped make a very crazy & unsettled time & endeavor in my life far more sane, manageable & enjoyable.   Maryellen C.



” We will always remember your thoughtfulness”

Dear Kent, Laszlo and I would like to foremost thank you for the excellent service that you’ve provided us during our quest for buying a home.  It’s been a real pleasure and comfort having you as our realtor…we couldn’t have found a better person to help us make our dream come true. We will always remember your thoughtfulness.  Laszlo & Alan


” …so thrilled with the outcome of the sale.”

Hi Kent, Again, thank you so much for everything during the sale of our house.  The process was so easy on us – with our crazy schedules, it really meant a lot to know that we could completely trust you to act on our behalf.  I can’t tell you what an incredible effect that had on our stress levels. Thank you so much for making the trip out last Friday to meet us for our closing; that was a nice surprise.  We are both just so thrilled with the outcome of the sale. We will continue to think of your services fondly and share our feedback with others who are in need of an agent.  Although, I’m sure you have a long list already, if you would like for us to be a reference for you we’d be more than happy.  Molly & Bjorn


” I would definitely use your services again. “

Dear Kent-I want to thank you for your great service as an agent while I was looking for my home, during closing, and after I moved into my house.I appreciated your help -I have felt overwhelmed and often flustered during the buying process, since it was a new experience for me doing it alone.  I felt confident I could call you and ask for help, even when I was a bit embarrassed because I didn’t know how to do something or what a document meant, etc.  In effect, you were a great resource for me.  Your sincere concern and attention were apparent when, even after closing, you came by to check out a plumbing problem I had.  You have been totally on the ball and it felt reassuring to know I could call you when I needed more information.  I will definitely refer people to you, and though I am not thinking of my next move now, I would definitely use your services again.  Please let me know if you ever need someone to provide more accolades!  Emily M.


” You did a wonderful job with everything…”

Kent-We wanted to thank you for helping us find our first home! You did a wonderful job with everything -including making it fun and easy! We’ll have you and your family over as soon as we settle in. God Bless-Patty and David P.